Hofmann Vineyard update October 7, 2013

First we have a picture here of a Wooly Worn that a couple of weeks ago we found by our Guest house at 9399 N High Lonesome Road. Given the lure we learned when we grew up, you could predict the winter by the coloring of the Wooly Worm. In this case it would show a very cold winter starting early with a bit of warming probably in late November and December, then very cold till spring. Wonder how this compares to the Farmers’ Almanac prediction. Ha.

Our son Lane Hofmann and wife Danielle purchased 160 acres with us on Castleberry Lane not far from the High Lonesome location. It has an irrigation well, so we will be planting both grapes and some Pecan trees on this to begin with to see how they progress. It is possible that we would put a winery there, but this plan has lots of time to mature. The effort this past weekend was to clear an area for planting and to make a new road (1/2 mile) to the well and first planting area. Following is picture of the new cleared area and the new road roughed in. We also have some folks cleaning up all the old trailers and junk that was apparently left on the property over the years by squatters. This is the area where the initial planting will occur. The mountains in the background are called the “Mules”. On the back side is Bisbee and the famous old copper mines.

It is a half mile from here to the cleared area and that is the “Mule Mountains” in the background. Even though there is electric power to the well, we will be installing a solar powered well pump. The well has the capability of 330 gallons per minutes, so we can add multiple well pumps to this well over time as our needs increase. We have also prepared the vineyard at 9399 N High Lonesome for doubling in size next spring. I have included a picture taken a few days ago


Interesting, here again you can see the “Mule Mountains” in the background. It is actually driving 12 miles from this property to the Castleberry Lane property. Just as a point of interest we have purchased the name “Highlonesomevineyards.com .net, and .us that we will be using our website soon. It might be a few months before you will be able to access them with our content. Have to work with Go-Daddy our hosting service to get it all set up.